I take great pride in providing a learning experience that produces confident, happy horses and students.
— Sophia Hoekstra


Sophia brings a wealth of experience to the Santa Fe area. For the past 8 years, she has served as Head Instructor of the Lost Creek Ranch’s residential camp program, introducing over 700 beginners to riding. She has worked with and developed riders of all ages, disciplines, and experience levels.

Sophia has worked and excelled at every level of the equine industry starting as a youth “barn rat” cleaning stalls and working her way through internships to an assistant trainer position; she has managed a large camp program as well as instructing and coaching students for years.

It was Sophia’s constant devotion to expanding her knowledge that led her to take an initial interest in regional competition with the Western Dressage Association of America. She is a Top 10 title holder at the Western Dressage World Championship Show in the Open division and has shown horses of many levels from newly started colts to seasoned show veterans.

The two words that best describe my teaching style: Patient and understanding.
— S. Hoekstra

Whether a person is looking to ride for the first time, is an accomplished equestrian, or is looking for a fun new activity for their child, Sophia’s experience as both a trainer and instructor has taught her that quality learning for both horses and humans is best developed in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere.


John and I have known Sophia for years. Her professionalism, knowledge, and work ethic were what initially what caught our attention. We have since watched her work with and develop numerous horses over the years. She demonstrates the character, kindness, and talent essential to being not only a great horsewoman, but to being a great role model, mentor and coach. We are absolutely thrilled that she is coming to New Mexico. - Cat Parks