Emily Keene brings 30 years of experience to training horses; 20 of those dedicated to Dressage. A USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist with multiple State and Regional championships, Emily specializes in lightness, confidence, and self carriage for horse and rider.

I school all the Grand Prix movements, and have shown to PSG (recognized) and I-1 (schooling) [...]  I've had a passionate love for horses since early childhood.

Emily believes that self carriage is physical, mental, and emotional state for both the horse and rider. Her sessions focus on biomechanics and clear communication, fostering a grounded and playful demeanor in her training. Emily advocates natural and sensitive management, including social and turnout time, wholistic nutrition, precise saddle fit, body work, and natural hoof care for our equine partners.

Emily started training horses at age 12, when her mentor introduced her to Natural Horsemanship and Tellington Jones methods. She taught and trained English, Western, Jumping, Dressage, and Competitive Trail Riding/Endurance Riding before deciding to focus on Dressage. Her appreciation for all disciplines and breeds continues today. 

"I provide a relaxed atmosphere for my clients. Our barn is one with good camaraderie - non-competitive and fun. I’m passionate, approachable, and patient.  Any student who is sincere, regardless of saddle type, type of horse, age, or experience is welcome in my program. I’m happy to teach students from other disciplines and horses of any breed." 


  • USDF Silver Medalist
  • USDF Bronze Medalist
  • USDF Horse of the Year, 4th level
  • Region 5- 4th level Champion
  • Region 5- 3rd level Reserve Champion
  • New Mexico State Champion- PSG
  • New Mexico State Champion- 4th Level
  • Coached New Mexico State Champion Training, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level as well as earning a USDF Bronze Medal


"My riding has dramatically changed. My aids are lighter and more effective [...] Tupelo Honey is the love of my life [...] it almost makes be cry when I see how much he has improved and how happy we both are training with Emily." - P. Kellett

"Thirty years in the horse business have taught me to distinguish good trainers from bad. Emily is one of the good ones. All trainers expect horses to listen to them, but Emily is willing to reciprocate and listen to the horses." - Lisa P.

"Emily is unsurpassed with rider and horse body work. She knows how to get to the root of all those little stumbling blocks using a combination of classical dressage and common sense." - H. Underwood

"[I] have learned more in my three years with Emily than in my 30+ years of riding before I met her. Not only is she a knowledgeable and talented horse person, she is an exceptional human being. I feel blessed to know her." - A. Fletcher

"Emily is a fantastic instructor. She has the ability to communicate clearly with any rider, from beginning to advanced, and make them feel comfortable." - E. Scully

"[Emily is an] accomplished trainer, capable of taking a horse from the very basics to FEI levels, in a very thoughtful and careful manner, with full attention to the horse 's mental and emotional wellbeing. Her work ethic and integrity are exemplary and I have found her to be completely reliable and trustworthy in every regard." - K. Richkind

"Emily puts the needs of the horse first and never compromises their dignity." - P. Rosemond

"Emily has been patient, reliable and always professional. She loves horses and is a beautiful, skilled rider, always continuing her own education. She makes you want to be a better horseman.” - N. Schwartz