Every horse and owner has unique needs. The Custom Care approach at The Trinity Ranch allows the best fit for each individual, both for the horse and for the owner.
— Cat Parks, Co-Owner


All horses/owners at The Trinity Ranch enjoy the following care and amenities included in our Base Board Rates:

  • Access to all arenas

  • Ranch Manager lives on site

  • Premium Feed: Choice of Premium imported Grass, Alfalfa or Combination measuring 1.5-2% of horse's body weight

  • Pre-bagged/owner provided grain & pre-measured supplements fed twice daily

  • Daily paddock/stall cleaning.

  • Locked tack rooms with digital code entry

  • Heated lounge- microwave & mini-fridge

  • Heated restrooms with hot water & shower

  • Washer & dryer on site

  • Wireless Security & Camera System

Premium grass hay pictured is imported from Colorado. Quality alfalfa available as well.


Different horses have different needs.  It's time to retire the "one-size-fits-all" boarding stable mentality.  Different breeds, ages, levels of exercise, training programs, & owner budgets are all valid reasons for needing a Custom Care Program.

Take grain, for example: The dietary needs of a 17.2h Jumper are not the same as a 14h German Riding Pony; they are not the same for a 25 year old Arabian with Cushings and a 3 year old OTTB. Some owners want high fat grain, some need Senior, some want low starch, some want a custom Non-GMO blend, some want us to take care of it, some just want what is most affordable, & some don't want any grain at all.  The Trinity Ranch's Custom Care approach allows owners to choose the best fit for their horse by selecting from our Base Board Options and then adding Amenities a la Carte!

Every horse and owner has unique needs.  Custom care allows each owner to tailor their board experience for each individual animal's needs, desired level of care, and budget.  

58% of our boarders add some assortment of amenity services.

42% choose Base Board alone.